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Founder Photo - Micha Cooper-Edwards

A Letter From Our Founder:

Hello, my name is Micha Cooper-Edwards,

Soleil means sun in Creole, and we take our mission to heart – to shine light on the Global South diasporas, the diverse cultures and parts of the world that are yet to be fully seen, celebrated and understood in the mainstream media – the global diasporas of Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. This is our intention for everything we do. From our film and TV productions, our Soleil Spotlight podcast, our Soleil Space newsletter, and our Short Film Saturdays event showcase. Our goal is to elevate untold stories and provide opportunities for creators and audiences from these communities to produce and consume world-class content. This is a space for cultural discovery, for community, and for enlightenment.... Read more...

For me, I feel like my entire life has inspired Soleil. I grew up in Trinidad & Tobago, a rich tapestry of religion and culture where we all celebrate our many indigenous cultures, interwoven into our identities as Trinidadians. It’s something I really took for granted until I moved to the U.S., and then to Europe. What is sadly common though, is that most of the content I grew up on was from North America, Europe and Australia – stories that were mostly white. We didn’t see ourselves shown in an elevated way. Hence, Soleil is the culmination of a life-long argument – that the whole world is important. This applies nowhere better than in film and television, which have been long-dominated by only a few perspectives. Our audiences aren’t niche, they’re global majorities. So – we’re not interested in a seat at the table, we’re building and setting our own, and we want you to join us!

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Founder Photo - Micha Cooper-Edwards

Micha Cooper-Edwards


Micha is a media entrepreneur with a vision to unite and empower the world’s diverse diasporas through the connective and enlightening power of media. Micha established a 15-year multinational marketing career leading international growth of iconic global brands like NIKE, Jordan, PepsiCo, Diageo and Moët-Hennessy. In 2017 she founded Soleil Entertainment; a transcultural media company specializing in film and television production elevating stories and creators of the Global South diasporas of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East. Prior to this, Micha served as Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships for award-winning film production company... Read more... CreativeChaos VMG, where she led marketing, social impact, and corporate partnerships for the critically acclaimed feature documentaries This Changes Everything (Netflix) and Bleed Out (HBO). Through her experience as an independent producer navigating the gatekeepers of Hollywood, Micha realized that the problems of inequity and underrepresentation of people of color around the world cannot be solved through production alone. This led her to create Soleil Space Inc., a NY-based tech-media company and home of the Soleil Spotlight podcast, Soleil Space community platform & the recently launched Short Film Saturday virtual event series. A proud daughter of Trinidad & Tobago and alumna of Howard University & The London School of Economics, Micha was recently named to the 2021 Forbes Next1000, an esteemed list of “upstart entrepreneurs redefining the American dream.”

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Board of Advisors

Kathy Mandato

Kathy Mandato

Board Advisor

Kathy is the Chief People Officer for XPRIZE. In her 25+ years of experience in human resources leadership, operations, marketing and communications, she is known for being a strong business and operating partner who has built successful cultures and elevated talent at some of the most iconic brands and people in the entertainment and technology world. She was CHRO for companies including Warner Media Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer helping launch HBOMax; Snapchat; NBC Entertainment... Read more...

Sinohe Terrero

Sinohe Terrero

Board Advisor

Sinohe has over 20 years in leadership roles at a number of successful startups, including Envoy, the workplace technology company, where he currently serves as CFO and COO; Quid, Inc., a big data and analytics company where he was CFO and COO; and Indiegogo and Etsy where he led finance and data among other teams. In addition to Soleil, Sinohe also serves as an advisor for Code2040... Read more...

Jason Beekman

Jason Beekman

Board Advisor

Jason Beekman is a seasoned business strategist, entertainment attorney and producer who has worked with a wide range of industry collaborators. He currently serves as Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs at RadicalMedia, an award-winning, global leader in entertainment. In addition to negotiating precedent-setting deals across both scripted and unscripted projects for film, television... Read more...

Leslie Borrell

Leslie Borrell

Board Advisor

Leslie is a 20-year technology and product leader for industry leading companies including Etsy, Travelocity, and ThoughtWorks, where she demonstrated a unique talent for building diverse, strong teams capable of solving complex problems with simple solutions and delivering above expectations. She combines her deep understanding of agile values, engineering ethos, and practices that promote early delivery... Read more...

Team Members

Shyam Vala Shyam Vala
Shyam Vala
Head of Architecture & Technology
Adam Hunkin Adam Hunkin
Adam Hunkin
Chief Experience Officer
Lakshmi Korukanti Lakshmi Korukanti
Lakshmi Korukanti
Developer - Team Lead
Jason Brown Jason Brown
Jason Brown
Director - Data & Product Analytics
Shashank Dewangan Shashank Dewangan
Shashank Dewangan
Nace DeSanders Nace DeSanders
Nace DeSanders
Community Manager
Gabrielle Scott Gabrielle Scott
Gabrielle Scott
Content Acquisitions Coordinator
Jorge Duran Jorge Duran
Jorge Duran
Graphic Designer
Kyra Santana Kyra Santana
Kyra Santana
Executive Admin Assistant

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